On the Muggle side of London, Morrigan led Lee to an underground club she visited on occasion.  It was dimly-lit inside, with loud music and colorful strobelights.  This wasn’t a strip club as she had originally suggested, but just a regular one.  There was still a lot to figure out about Lee, and the last time they’d hung out, something…odd…happened to him.  Lee wouldn’t tell her of course, but Morrigan didn’t forget.

She waved a bill at the closest bartender.  ”Two chocolate cake shots, please,” she ordered, having expected something with creme de cacao.  In return, the resulting drink was a mixture of hazelnut liqueur, vanilla vodka, rimmed with sugar and a slice of lemon.  But vodka was vodka, and nothing got out secrets quicker than getting drunk.

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    "I don’t know, stuff people normally order at a bar! Martinis or whatever. Some kind of vodka!" Morrigan had forgotten...
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    "A couple of cocktails?" Lee settled into the couch cushions. "What kind of cocktail,hm?"He chuckled when she said this...

Miss Morrigan Linden/Mrs. Morrigan Lawson
Hello there. I'm Morrigan Linden, twenty eight years old (or slightly older) and am employed by the Ministry of Magic as an Auror. If you want to get to know me, all you have to do is ask!

P.S. I'm not a professor in any way, shape, or form. I've just placed the title with my name for as long as I can remember! *smiles with a shrug*

Yes, I am a divorcee...and reconciler. My husband is, and always will be Ethan Lawson. Our mothers give us so much crap for divorcing and I'm just sick and tired of hearing about it. I actually prefer my independence rather than being tied down. We fought a lot and I hadn't seen him since our divorce.

That was until he showed up in my life again, nearly a decade after our divorce. Time hadn't changed our feelings for each other, but it also gave us the maturity that we needed to realize that we were really meant to be together. And our life is just starting again.

Fate eventually gave us the chance to be parents. Our daughter, Kate Lawson was an orphan, alone in the world, until we stepped up at the Ministry of Magic and said that we would be her legal guardians.

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